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copywriting for coaches

Bingeworthy words that put you in the spotlight.

I help you grow your client base through content that converts.

The words you’re looking for?

I mean the words that’ll make your dream clients dot on you like a high school drama series, stay in your content loop, and happily pay for your services. These words— They are deep inside you. And I help you uncover them. What you want right now is to stand out online, attract your best-fit clients, and bring in a steady stream of cashola, but you’re worried about what to say and HOW to say it. Well, welcome to the corner of the internet where you get the permission and help you need to say what you mean. It’s time to share your story with a world waiting for you, and I’ve chosen to make it my business that you don’t get cold feet. That you can share copy that puts your brand in the front seat. That you’re able to turn your ideas into conversations that bring sales.

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Hey! I'm Sally

Website Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

As a purpose-led entrepreneur, you deserve it all. Your dream brand, a base of raving fans, a fat-ass bank account, and the joy that comes with running a frickin’ profitable business. All of it. So, when it comes to helping creatives (like you!) get all this through the right words, call me obsessed. Through personality-packed, research-led, and connection-focused copywriting, I help you attract the right eyeballs and conversions. A lil backstory: I dove through the thick of SaaS SEO writing to become a copy expert for creativepreneurs because every passion-led small business owner should be able to say what they mean...

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Want a brand-worthy website that gets you eyeballs, inquiries, and collaborations with your dream clients?


Ready to build a community of super fans through consistent, aligned blog content and emails?


Want a results-driven messaging framework to attract your dream clients without the 4-fig price tag?

You, too, can have testimonies like these…

“I didn’t know what direction I wanted to take my website in, but I knew I wanted a good one. Sally was thorough and attentive to every detail when we discussed my needs. My website copy came out excellent! She has been a blessing, so I’ll absolutely keep working with her.”

Margaret McComiskey, Life Coach & Therapist

“I couldn’t be happier with the experience! Sally’s friendly and personable approach made the collaboration effortless. I knew I would love her work because I like her website copy. She truly made me feel like a valued client throughout the entire process—and I love how my website copy turned out.”

Melissa Joy Adams, ADHD Coach

“Sally created clear, engaging sales copy for my fashion brand. I’ve never had my copy so simple yet captivating and in my brand voice. She asked what launch success would mean for me, and I said a 3x increase in sales. But I was stunned when my sales growth shot out of the roof with a 10x increase in course purchases.”

Tobi Akomolafe, Bag Pattern Designer & Coach

“Sally got in my head and brought out the words I didn’t know I had. It was such a seamless process working with her to get it together. She asked relevant questions and used the information given in creative and intuitive ways. She’ll take away your stress to create dynamic copy without changing your voice.”

Chaital Harry, Personal Development Coach

“Sally is a master at storytelling! I had a great session with her about my launch and was super impressed with the plan she created for me. She has such a clear view of my business, ideal client, and goals. She came up with a host of launch content ideas in different formats and structured my content plan in a way I totally love!”

Tania Lopez, Parenting Coach

Say buh-bye to blank page blues. FOREVER!

Instead of staring at a blank doc for hours on end, unable to come up with the right words for your website, and gripped by anxiety because your brand launch is in one week, imagine this— You wake up on launch day feeling gorgeously confident and ready to share your brand with the world, courtesy of copy assets that’ll make your dream clients gush over your offer like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Ah-mazing, right? This is the reality I propose. You in?

Your dream clients should be bingeing your story.

The undiluted, sugar-free truth is this: If you can write words that get in your dream client’s head (not on their toes, duh)... If you can get in their feelings (not on their nerves, plz), you’ll win them over as happy, loyal clients.