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copywriting for coaches & creatives

Binge-worthy words that put you in the spotlight.

I create sales copy that grows your client base and bank account.

The words you’re looking for?

They are inside you. I help you uncover and bring them to life. You want sales copy that makes your dream client go, “Where has this been all my life?" You're in the perfect place. Welcome boo! Let's partner to create stories that get your audience to take action right-freakin’-now.

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You, too, can get results like these…

MY WEBSITE COPY CAME OUT EXCELLENT! “Sally has been a blessing, so I’ll absolutely keep working with her! I didn’t know in what direction to take my website until we had our kickoff call. She was thorough and paid attention to every detail.” ~Margaret McComiskey

I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER WITH THE EXPERIENCE. “Sally's friendly and personable approach made the collaboration effortless. I knew I would like her work because I like her website copy. Sally truly made me feel like a valued client throughout the entire process.” ~ Melissa Joy Adams

I GOT A 10X INCREASE IN COURSE SALES. “Sally created sales copy for my fashion brand. I’ve never had my copy so simple yet captivating in my brand voice. She asked what success would mean for me, and I said a 3x increase in course sales. I got a 10x increase! ~Tobi Akomolafe

Hey! I'm Sally

Copywriter for coaches and service-based creatives.

I’m an SEO geek and wordsmith for entrepreneurs who want to launch their websites and courses into their industry's spotlight. So, when it comes to helping you build your dream brand with words that sell, call me obsessed! My belief is this: As a purpose-led business owner, you deserve it all. Your dream brand, a base of raving fans, and a growing bank account. All of it. I help you achieve this through personality-packed, connection-focused copywriting that your perfect-fit client won't be able to resist.

Experts I love working with:

Basically, if you wear the coach hat—such as a life coach, business coach, career coach, or health and wellness coach. Also, service-based creatives like a website designer, OBM, wedding planner, virtual assistant, SMM, and accountants, among others. To put it simply, you have a service you offer.

Say buh-bye to 8 hours in front of an empty Google Docs!

Instead of staring at a blank page for hours and gripped by anxiety because launch is in one week, now imagine— You have sales copy that makes your dream clients scream, “I absolutely need this! Please, take my money.” Ah-mazinggg, right? This is the reality I propose.

Ready to step into the spotlight?

This is your permission to break up with words that mask your badassery. With conversion-driven messaging, you'll finally be able to build the brand of your dreams. You know what that means? Better visibility and sales.

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